Monday, August 17, 2015

Doodles, Lambie, gifts

Beginning the post with doodles.... made for Lafayette Lacemakers, Inc.    These are for business cards which are handed out at community events.     Hope to empty more shuttles soon ---

Here is my Leaping Lambie attempt from Tatting Times (Aug 2015) which I need to tat again !!!  I didnt quite get it right the first time.    Pattern c2015 Karey Solomon.

Below - Christmas in July gift from GF DW---- crochet pieces!    An inspiration to improve my crochet skills.

See how beautiful this motif is?  Tatted by GF DW --Pattern is from 

 Peikko"s book on Tatting Small Accessories.    [I bought one, misplaced it, bought another one -- found the first one + GF DW bought my new copy].     It is the motif shown on the front cover of the book!!

She also made a couple more motifs and attached to note.   

New acquisition - c.1942 The Spool Cotton Company.    The patterns are nice; however, the little bird tatting shuttle caught my eye + there were more inside ---  booklet starts "If a tatting shuttle could chirp it would probably trill."

 too charming .....


Jane McLellan said...

The shuttle pictures do make me smile!

Beth said...

Love the Lambie!

muskaan said...

This post has Cuteness written/displayed all over !!!
The trilling shuttle bird shows a great sense of humour, as well :-)

Madtatter80 said...

Love your post and little lamb, so cute and I might try this for Sunday
school. great pictures and I see little bunnies in there! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your post made me smile! I love the quote about chirping and trilling!

God's Kid said...

Fabulous doodles!!! :)
I love the lamby!!! :)
Lots of great items below too! :)

Barbara Gordon said...

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Sure good to have you as a friend...!!