Friday, January 26, 2007

Charles Frazier [fan club expands by one reader]

yes, it really is THAT GOOD! Read it. i think one reason I kept putting it off was my general attitude that "war is hell" ... and I have not changed my opinion on that! yet, this book is beautifully written & C.Frazier is quite the storyteller. One nice web site link is here has book excerpts & additional information about the inspiration behind the book.

I have this from the public library & look forward to reading it. In the back of my mind, I cannot help thinking, "How can it be as good as Cold Mountain?" -- yet, the reviews are in ... and said reviews are good! web site link here.


And, let me tell you about Mrs. Mom Cat .... yesterday, I was in my room & kept hearing some very "odd" noise. Couldn't figure out what the 'rattle' was. THEN, Mrs. Cat screeches down the hallway with a christmas light bulb!!! You know, those dinky bulbs with the green plastic bottoms??? I took it away from her -- fearing she'd bite it to bits & do herself harm. next thing I know -- she is zooming around the dining room with ANOTHER light bulb. I'm thinking ... WTH ... didn't everything get packed away! OK, she hears me coming & is UNDER the love seat with the thing. Eventually, I get the SECOND light bulb. Get where this is going??? 15 minutes later -- the THIRD light bulb. Another hour passes ... the FOURTH light bulb. And -- I'm on the hunt for the SOURCE.

OK, under the love seat is a plastic package with 20+ teeth marks and a couple tears -- seems she found the pkg of replacement bulbs.

Fast Forward to around 6:30pm when DH is home.

DS says "What is this?"

DH says "it is a fuse"

I'm like "WHAT?" That darn Mrs. Cat had this teeny tiny fuse, too???? And probably was playing with it the rest of the afternoon -- that darn cat thinking "naner naner naner"

So -- I show the guys the torn up pkg & tree lights ... and DH shows me the teeny tiny fuse I missed. I am so freaked out. My mind screams into all the horrors -- the "what ifs" -- that darn cat.

And she sits here, near the computer, content as can be. Like 'nothing happened' ... ARGH!!!!

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