Monday, April 18, 2022

New stuff!!!

They are HERE!   They are HERE!
New Clover (Japan) tatting shuttles.
They have different hook sizes to accommodate different sized fibers.  

They come with little plastic pieces to protect the hook.  Yes,
they seem to have thought of everything.   Regular shuttle next to them so you can see the size.

 Compare Clover to AERO ---

No. 8 (0.90mm) and No. 12 (0.60mm)


 These I've had - and use all the time.

New tools, and new books ....

The one on the right, by sumie, was picked up while shopping with our youngest son, at Mitsuwa Market.  When we shop there, occasionally, I'll find a tatting book on the shelves.  
I like smaller motifs & this book has many.  Plus, a lovely cross (back cover).

The one on the left, applemints:  Tatting Lace accessory and motif, was a purchased 
It has pretty tatted jewelry.   And, if not made into jewelry, tat the small motifs (which I like).
I saw this book once, and didn't buy it at the time.  
Of course, kicked myself for not grabbing when I had the opportunity.   



Jane McLellan said...

You’re all set!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Did you order the shuttles from Japan? I was going to, but the shipping was $38. I've decided to wait until they're available here.

muskaan said...

My favourite kind of shuttles - bobbin and hook! Hope you put your new shuttles to work on the new patterns 💖