Thursday, March 01, 2007

ah-choo ah-choooo (sigh)

Finished this book. Wow. The ending had quite a shoot-out between the bad guys and the badder guys. LOL

I have a totally sukky cold. Again. I'm very sick and tired of these bugging germs. Couldn't sleep much last night & read most of this comedy. Every time I turn the page, something cracks me up. And, this is a series of books. Go me.

I want some of these buttons---I hope House of Stitches can figure out who makes them : ) Would be excellent on my Pennsylvania Redware pincushion. [it is a Carriage House design]. I'm so hoping.

This is my all-time fav 'historical fiction'novel .... called, The Illuminator by Branda Rickman Vantrease. AND GUESS WHAT????

Another book!! by the same author ... scheduled for release March 2007. The library ordered it - I'm FIRST on the list. WOOT!!!

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