Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"What do you DO?" she asks a SAHM ...

Yeah, what do I do?? All day long?? While the boys and DH are away?? Today, I've done some laundry ... dusting ... walked the dogs [many times] ... cleaned the litter pan ... started to read a new book ... and tried to make corn bread.

OK .... a side-by-side comparison of a MIX vs
cornbread from scratch. Yes, we already know what the Jiffy mix will taste like. The other pan -- well, it is HEAVY. Doesn't taste bad. Did I mix it enough? Too much? Why does it have that sink in look in the corner of the pan???

I think I need a different recipe. I don't bake. Mainly, because I'm not very good at it. But, this cornbread is very very heavy. Maybe I should invest in some new Baking Powder -- this can is dated Feb 87.

Anybody have a decent recipe??? I've already tried the one on the corn meal pkg.

She said to me: "you haven't read Jennifer Chiaverini?". OK, I've heard of her ... but, no, haven't READ any of the Elm Creek series. YESTERDAY, I looked up the web site & in the afternoon, I went to the public library & found the books [with the help of Alex].

I checked out this one -- which starts "Chapter One 1849".

Maybe I should have read them in the order they were published???

I like what I've read this a.m. It has interesting characters. The new schoolmaster is described between girlfriends: "He's handsome in a bookish way, but I suppose that suits his profession." The novel seems easy to read & I am enjoying reading about this party in honour of the new schoolmaster!


Lauren said...

That's so funny - I just started reading her books, too. I bought a compendium on clearance at a book store, and read "The Runaway Quilt" over the weekend. I'm not much of a quilter, but it was still a decent story.

Red said...

Okay Lelia...you totally cracked me up. The date on the bottom of the Baking Podwer can...is the expiration date...and it's a safe bet that even if it was the packaging date....1987 was 20 years ago...so that may be a start to the corn bread issue. Seeing you don't cook much I'd stick with one you just add milk and eggs to...I think Bisquick puts out a corn bread mix in a soft package(rather than a box). It has all the other ingredients in it already! You can still say you made it yourself!!

Anna van Schurman said...

The Martha Stewart Cookbook has an excellent recipe for cornbread.

Anna van Schurman said...

Regarding the baking powder issue, the way to tell if it is still good (though I doubt yours is) is to put it on your tongue. If it tastes like pop rocks (bursts) it's good.