Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Picot me Endrucks - April 2024

EDITED --- Additional information HERE. Muscaan's Tips blog.

Are you on Facebook?
Do you follow the Endruck's 1920 project?
Do you enjoy tatting butterflys?

I'm so excited to see this challenge - I can use all the new picots I've learned ..... and, I really enjoy tatting hearts and butterflys.   Check it out.

Here is a link to Facebook Group.

Tatting Picot Challenge ....

From the Facebook Group (and I quote):

"Game of the Month ---- PICOT ME ENDRUCKS April 2024
Life is Bliss butterfly (E32) Antonia Lai has simple lines with hardly any decorative picots.
· 🦋 We are asking you to decorate it with ornamental picots!
· 🦋 You can use the same type of picot throughout the motif, or use a combination of picots to create even more interesting effects.
· 🦋 You can place your picots anywhere you wish.
· 🦋There are sooooo many beautiful picots to choose from, that you don’t even need beads for embellishment!
· 🦋 This is also an opportunity to get to know and learn a new technique.
If you wish to find tutorials and videos, here are a few steps you can take – -- In this page, check out the topmost section (All-Encompassing) for individual sites/blogs. [@Karen Cabrera has a nice list of her videos for easy reference.]"

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muskaan said...

Oh wow, such a pleasant surprise! Thanks for sharing this and eagerly looking forward to your version(s)!
Tatters not on FB can also participate and send their version to either Ninetta or me, or leave a comment in our blog.