Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another one in the series ...

I have been on the 'request' list from the public library. Now, I am at number two -- and, may have this one in hand by December 1st.

I've been finish-finishing a gift & listening to audiobooks & cleaning for Thanksgiving. We had a break in the weather & I managed to get some windows clean. Still have window in Nic's room & garage for tomorrow. I don't care for window cleaning; however, it does perk up the room!!!

Got turkey? Got ham? Got plans? LOL ... yeah, don't we all. some good plans and some dreaded plans ... here -- it is all good. Alex home from school with sore throat -- yikes. Nic got a turkey from his employer -- go Nic : ) DH went grocery shopping & looks like our pantry is bursting ... I'm planning on turkey, small ham, stuffing, potato, beets [from a jar!!!], toss salad, fresh fruit salad ... [do we have fresh fruit???], carrot sticks, shrimp jambalaya [yes -- gotta have some spicey stuff], corn pudding, possibly hot pineapple [think pineapple, brown sugar, torn up bread - pour melted butter & bake for awhile. DH bought a couple pumpkin pies. JELLO has a new dessert in a box -- Oreo cookie & creme -- just mix with milk & it sets in 5 minutes. I can do that. I think Tori was making pie [or Dietetic Club making pie]. Tori & her friend, Eric are invited -- not sure if they will be here or at Eric's place. My Mom is invited. In-Laws will be elsewhere. Should be fun. I totally forgot to buy gravy in a jar -- I cannot eat gravy -- but, Eric does like it & I said I'd get gravy. sigh. Stores will be open tomorrow for all that last-minute stuff.

So, what am I forgetting???? my mind???? I'm a fossil. I can count on the boyz to buy enough chips & snacks for the entire week-end. I bet we are out of bread. And tomorrow is Wednesday ... where finding bread can be a real chore. Maybe the stores stocked up. sigh. I'll have to go thru the kitchen again for those last minute items : ) Everybody, enjoy the holiday. Eat, drink, and be merry!! That 'giftmas' holiday is just around the bend. ARGH!!! And if I see that 'DUH' car commercial again, I will scream !!!!

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monique said...

Oooh... haven't seen this book yet! I loved all the rest in the series :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you!