Friday, November 09, 2007

Art Dolls!!!

Bought this magazine from Barnes and Noble WOW! It is fab. Good paper stock for starters ... and the pictures are out-of-sight. If you don't get any ideas from ONE ISSUE -- you are just brain dead. LOL

I went to their web page to see if they have the next issue available. Lucky me. Maybe the next issue will be on the shelf in a week or so.:

Back Issue:

Thx to Marjorie for sharing a picture of her dolls. She sent it via e-mail. Now, she made some creative and interesting dolls for the project!!! And colorful. And delightful. And -- she does not have a blog [boo hoo ... she should have one] EVERY creative person on the planet should blog. Do you hear me???

From the Public Library: I found a couple books on dolls ... sculpting, sewing, creating. More like .... now that you've seen the finished product -- here are a few ways to get started & some tips for doll making. Not exactly what I was looking for ... but a good start!! For the Comfort Doll Project, P.Winter wants dolls up to 6". Yeah, I think I can do that.

more info on this book HERE

Decent book review HERE on Linda's Blog.

After I finish up a gift I'm stitching up [no, no pictures, don't want to spoil the fun] I'll give these art dolls a try.

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