Sunday, November 04, 2007

A romance novel ...

Website for Mary Balogh.

Per the web site, sounds like this book is one of a series of books. It was easy to read & interesting.

"The Simply quartet tells the stories of four lady teachers at Miss Martin's School for Girls in Bath, England. Simply Unforgettable is Frances Allard's story. Simply Love is Anne Jewell's--and Sydnam Butler's, brother of Kit Butler in A Summer to Remember. (Note that the hardcover and the paperback editions have different covers) Simply Magic is Susanna Osbourne's story--and Viscount Whitleaf's, cousin of Lauren Butler in A Summer to Remember (two different covers again). Simply Perfect is Claudia Martin's story--and the Marquess of Attingsborough's, a character in One Night for Love and several other books. The Bedwyns make frequent appearances in the quartet--and Anne and Claudia first appeared in Slightly Scandalous."

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