Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WOOD SPOOL Bobbin Candleholder Bowen Hunter Mill Item number: 150102700465

Thx to a blogging friend ... who found this on e-bay:

Bowen Hunter Factory Mill Spools
Vintage WOODEN SPOOL Bobbin Candleholder

Wood Spool. Made by the Hunter Bowen Company in East Corinth, Vermont and sold to textile mills all over the country. This one has the Bowen Hunter name stamped into the end as well as 5 and 58 which may or may not date these to 1958.

The spool is in excellent condition - 12" long and 1 5/8" diameter.
With reminates of the red band still showing around the topside, and perfectly-distressed. the holes are about 1” perfect for holding a standard candle. I have also seen them made into lights with electric candles on top.


Also, from the Corinth Vermont Web site:

Our one substantial village is East Corinth, once home to the Bowen-Hunter mill, which made wooden bobbins for the textile industry.


This really does look like the one I have!! Thx again for your help.


Anonymous said...

These are actually made for kaleidoscopes, I have one myself and only know a little about them , but that they can date anywheres from early 1900's and up. Hope this helps out a little bit

Anonymous said...

I have one of these Hunter Bowen bobbins, it was actually used in a factory as a roving frame and has the cut marks on the bobbin where they cut excess yarn off. The 66 means it was manufactured in 1966. I have the Bobbinscope paper work, showing the patent pending when it was made in 1991. The Kaleidoscopes made out of these bobbins have three mirrors instead of the usual two, making the number of combinations and patterns is virtually without limit according to the