Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ellen Anne Eddy

My GF Marjorie sent me an e-mail about:

Creating the Creator, Free Creative Workshop
It is on the web site of Ellen Anne Eddy.

I visited the web site & I thought I may have seen her tapestries on display in Chesterton.
After rooting thru some old journals, I came accross this postcard:

"Swimming Upstream"
c.2001 Ellen Anne Eddy 38" x 52"

Her exhibit, The Nature of Nature: Embroidered Tapestries of Ellen Anne Eddy was Aug 1-31, 2004 at 18 Artist Gallery in chesterton, Indiana. If you get the chance, check out her web site, store & the workshop!

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Pat Winter said...

Ellen's work is amazing isn't it? I love it when she calls to ask if I want to come see her latest work. I should remember to put a clothespin in my pocket so I don't drool too much. Each piece is so unique and gorgeous.It's like discovering color fr the first time.