Friday, April 04, 2008

Penny Wooden Doll

Finally, my kit & dolls arrived!

The back of the kit says: "Penny Wooden: dolls were originally hand-carved in pine, poplar or maple by families of German and Tyrolean toymakers. In the early nineteenth century, they were imported into and reproduced by London toymakers. Later, they were made in New England. The actual "Penny Wooden" dolls sold for a penny in New England around the middle of the nineteenth centrury. Hence, its name."

Historical Background here

The kit includes: authentic replica jointed, hand-painted wooden doll, pattern and materials to make a colorful 19th century costume.

I ordered one kit & a couple dolls. That way, I can make up the doll dress [one with the kit] and give it away. I am keeping one doll, so I can make more clothing! Not sure about the other doll; however, I think once 'somebody' sees it, they will want one, too : )

I placed my order with Beeline Publications, Clover Patch Store in Bloomington, IN.

The dolls I've seen at the LNS, are $68.00 -- and the idea is to cross stitch a design on the apron and add to the Miss Penny Doll. I have not decided on the apron, maybe I'll see how I fare on the clothing, first!

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