Thursday, March 19, 2009

how difficult I am

Stray Eggplant Ceramics
by Laura Gentry

My husband & I visited The Chicago Cultural Center last month. (Yeah, I know -- shoulda posted sooner, blame it on the "bug")
We had a cup of Starbuck's, enjoyed people watching, viewed the Tiffany Dome (a must see when in Chicago), a few exhibits, and couldn't resist the Art o mat machine.

I selected one of Laura's Stray Eggplants; DH chose a painting. I'll have to find it & post the image -- it is interesting!

If you are not familiar with Art-o-mat machines, see This Post, or their web site.

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Stray Eggplant said...

Thanks for your post. I've added you to my eggplant owner's gallery. Feel free to send more pics when you feel well. :) Here's the direct link: