Sunday, August 30, 2009


Thx Beth!
My GF Beth, decided punchneedle wasn't really her thing
... she gave me this Halloween kit w/design on fabric, buttons, etc.

Of course, she changed her mind about punchneedle
after she launched her
Sweetheart Bunny,
(the Workbasket) project ---
I asked if she wanted the Halloween stuff back!!!
She said "no" and

I am looking forward to starting these Halloween punchneedle designs
The designs are already printed on the fabric
and the buttons & fibers are ready to go!Halloween Hang-Ups
c.Lizzie Kate

Saturday, stopped at House of Stitches & picked up:
Isn't this a fun pattern?
(Mel & Sue thought so, too)
I need to check my fibers
and figure out what I have & what I need!
Puss'N Boots
c. 2006 Prairie Moon
Designed by Barbara Syburg & Suzanne Shead

Do you see the shuttle?
It is for tatting lessons
Oct 22nd at 1pm

Maybe with some hands-on
help, I can figure out
the tatting basics at last!

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