Friday, October 30, 2009

Tatting: Rings & Picot

My DS, Nick, gave me this
plastic storage container
for my tatting 'gear'

As I was out running errands
during the week,
I picked up crochet cottons
in size 3, 10, & 20

I had some size 80 --- not sure where they came from!

These are some rings I kept
(size 3)

This afternoon, I want to try using
size 10

Oh, the picot
Mine are odd & uneven
Still need practice
Two on top, size 3
Other ring, size 10

I will continue practicing
Harder for me to control my hands
when making the rings

Still isn't quite comfortable

As for books/instructions, I'm using
Learn to Tat by Janette Baker

Neither are as good as sitting next to
somebody who knows how to Tat!!

But, they have been helpful while I struggle at home : )

1 comment:

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, good for you! You're doing it! You know, closing the ring is HALF THE BATTLE! I'm not kidding you! You're tatting! It's wonderful!

That container is a very nice way to organize your tatting goodies!

You know, I used to teach out of that Coat's and Clark's "Learn how" book, LOL! Isn't that funny? That was the best instruction booklet I could find back then! Oh, to have had "Fancy Pants" or Janette Baker's "Learn To Tat" book back then, life would've been much easier, LOL!

Keep tatting! You've reached your first milestone in tatting by closing those rings!