Wednesday, May 26, 2010

second tries

This is my second attempt & looks nicer than my first one:

This is a first attempt & the picot + join was a challenge.At the bottom & the sides, there is a join and a picot. I was baffled by which fiber to use!
How to join & how to get the picot to look nice.
Eventually, I managed the join, then the picot.
Why was that so difficult? IDK.

I should have done a better job ending threads
and the top 'v' of the heart. Looks sloppy to me.

Maybe my next try at this motif will be with
a solid color fiber instead of multi color fiber.

I'm thinking there must be something to a practice piece
& the final motif.
The first time I try to figure out the pattern
& the second time it seems easier - looks better.

Perhaps that is why I am accumulating a stack of 'discards' or learning pieces!

(Both motifs are from
The Complete Book of Tatting
Rebecca Jones
using LizBeth, size 20 fiber.)
Visit The Textile Blog
for a nice post on
The Art of Tatting

Friday, May 21, 2010

small bits of tatting

I am really tired of people asking
me what I'm going to 'do' with
the stuff I make - whatever I'm
creating, I'm doing it because I enjoy it.

I don't care if I finish 'it'

I don't care if I start 'it' and set 'it' aside

Whem I'm creating, there is a flow - and
that is the best part of my day,
before turning in for the evening,
spending some creative time to put aside
all the stressors during the day

I found a few styles of
cards at the local Hallmark store -
with open round areas in the middle.

They sell stickers - I sew bits of
tatting to the cards.

I continue to share with family & friends
who seem to love me no matter what I'm into!

I joined the Ring of Tatters
and got my booklet in the mail.

Not sure if I can manage any of the patterns (yet)!!!

I'm going to attempt more tatting next week
and give those split rings another go ...

Here is our Honey Bunny
taking advantage
of a brief
bit of sunshine.

She is fun to have around the house.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

where is the tatting?

Retail therapy from House of Stitches

I found these bone needles are
perfect for perking up my
wimpy picot
bought a couple sew mate shuttles
as more fiber can be winded on

Was time for some new books
Tatted Bookmarks edited by Barbara Foster
Tatting - Just Knots by Kirstine Nikolajsen

... and have you seen PieceWork , the Lace Issue?

New fibers from Hobby Lobby clearance aisle and JoAnn Fabric sale

No tatting to report as I've been trying to get a needlelace bookmark completed. link to needlelace post

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love of Lace XVI

The Great Lakes Lace Group, Inc.

Love of Lace XVI

Free Admission - Public Welcome

Participate: In "Lace In"
Bring your own project to work on
in the company of other lace makers
(crochet, knit, needle or shuttle tatting,
bobbin lace, Battenberg, other)

Learn the basics of
bobbin lace
and tatting

Watch lace makers
as they weave
their magical webs
of lace

Vendors on site

Link to brochure
on the Upcoming Events page

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tatted Gift

Luv it, thx Sue!

Weeks ago, I had enclosed
this tatted butterfly
in a card sent to GF Sue (w/o blog)

She, in turn, asked one of her
friends to create a necklace
with the butterfly!

It is about 1.5" x 1/5" in size

The butterfly is surrounded
by beautiful paper with
metallic squigglies matching
the blue in the tatting

It is so much fun to wear!

During a recent shopping trip
to House of Stitches
there were a couple of glass pendants (available for purchase)
that open up -- so anything could be inserted

Or inserted until you were tired of
it and changed to something else!

This is the needlelace bookmark I have started:
If you'd like the instructions and pattern, go to THIS link

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

place cards made by Mom

Enclosed in a card from
my Mom
was this:a beautiful place card
In her card, she writes that she made place cards
for an event in her
apartment building.

I'll have to find out how MANY
she created!!

I had given her yo yo makers a
couple weeks back &
enjoyed showing her how they work

This is another attempt at a heart:This time, I'm making the side picot a bit larger so it will be a heart shape, instead of a CIRCLE.

See the heart on the cover of my book?It just has to work!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Another new toy:
Ultra-Punch, The Precision Adjustable Needle

While strolling the vendors,
at the Int Quilt Fest, Chicago,

we came to the Country Threads booth ,
& tried a new-to-me Ultra-Punch Needle.

While I really like the one I own . . .

this punch needle retracts,
and has notches on the holder
for the size loop of your punchneedle project

Kewl, really .... couldn't leave
the show without one in my bag.

btw, the Country Threads
patterns & products
are very nice : )

Monday, May 03, 2010