Wednesday, May 26, 2010

second tries

This is my second attempt & looks nicer than my first one:

This is a first attempt & the picot + join was a challenge.At the bottom & the sides, there is a join and a picot. I was baffled by which fiber to use!
How to join & how to get the picot to look nice.
Eventually, I managed the join, then the picot.
Why was that so difficult? IDK.

I should have done a better job ending threads
and the top 'v' of the heart. Looks sloppy to me.

Maybe my next try at this motif will be with
a solid color fiber instead of multi color fiber.

I'm thinking there must be something to a practice piece
& the final motif.
The first time I try to figure out the pattern
& the second time it seems easier - looks better.

Perhaps that is why I am accumulating a stack of 'discards' or learning pieces!

(Both motifs are from
The Complete Book of Tatting
Rebecca Jones
using LizBeth, size 20 fiber.)
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for a nice post on
The Art of Tatting


Patty C. said...

I'm trying to learn tatting myself - yours looks fabulous

Annie said...

Such beautiful hearts. I love the look of tatting and if I could just find the time to fit it in, I'd try to learn.

And I know what you mean from your previous post about people asking what you do with the stuff you make. It really misses the point!

Anonymous said...

Your tatting looks beautiful to's something I always wanted to try...but alas I have not done so yet. Congratulations on your progress!!!

pat said...

this is lovely work. Real compliments