Tuesday, July 20, 2010

in progress

Was really tired last night & started to put together another cupcake pincushion (out of knit - wool pieces). Had some extra fiber on shuttles & made a few butterflies. Maybe I'll have more energy tonight.

Since youngest has been practicing driving (me the passenger) I haven't been home much. He is doing well behind the wheel & seems confident. He has one more class and five more drives (w/instructor) before the course is complete -- at that time he can test for his license.

I had nine entries into Porter County Fair this Summer --- maybe will get a ribbon or two? Lake County Fair entries are due July 31st. I have a few things to finish-finish & cannot seem to locate my cross stitch ornament (already stitched - just needs to be sewn into an ornament). Maybe will just start from scratch & make a new one.

Would be nice to have some spending money for fancy tatting shuttles
(which I've had my eye on)

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Patty C. said...

Your work is lovely :)