Monday, October 11, 2010

Tatting Corner - Tatting Day

On Saturday, The Tatting Corner hosted
the 10th Annual Tatting Day.

The Frosty Fun projects
were designed + taught
by Kaye B. Judt.
IMO - Kaye is a positive and encouraging instructor.
She is so patient + demonstrates WELL.
I would watch her, try it + next thing I know,
.... "I GET IT!"
Thx Kaye - you are the best.

These are (my) beginnings of the two projects
Jack Frost + Onion Ring Snowflake c. Kaye B. Judt, 2010.
One project had split ring + split chain technique
(new to me; however, I think can manage with instructions in front of me).
The other project had onion skin join
(which I need much practice).

The blue edging (c. Kaye B. Judt, 2010)
was a tatting contest.
Participants had 15 min to tat the pattern.
The winner had the longest edge.
(I made it thru the pattern in 15 minutes - it is all good.
I'm sure my GFs who know me well,
are laughing knowing how slowly I accomplish ANYTHING)

Such beautiful tatting on display
of show-n-tell items & challenge items,
brought by participants. Inspires me
to try harder and create more!

New Stash - always fun.
IMO, Jennifer does a
nice job acquiring the tatting fibers, books,
supplies, + fun notions we enjoy using.

The lovely tote was full
of goodies: a window cling, letter opener (w/post its), jar opener,
special fiber, + additional supplies for the projects.

I chose a needle tat DVD as door prize.
You never know, I may give it a try!

Jennifer, you out-did yourself.
Thx for being you + hosting such a
fabulous event.


Home and Heart said...

What delicate work!! I am glad to see this art being kept alive! Thank you so much for your visit, and entering my giveaway too!!

N. Maria said...

You are tatting over a ring?! Wow! I'm SO impressed. Very nice work and how lucky you are to attend such wonderful tatting events!