Monday, April 04, 2011

my first doily

Used size 20 Cebelia. Will attempt to block later today.

The middle of this project is from:
Learn How to Tat
by Janette Baker.

Being new to tatting, I wasn't able
to figure out the entire Daffodil Doily
(recently, I realized there is a corrected pattern on her blog).

I went to the public library book sale + found
Anna Magazine, May 1991 -- which had a similar doily.

I used the outside edge of the pattern in the magazine
and got lost along the way. Those joins were just
not easy for me to figure out - and the reverse work
was new to me. Had problems just holding on to the piece!

Yet, beginners need to start someplace, I had the book + tried the lessons (kinda in order)
and practice and practice and practice.

Overall, I learned to stick to one pattern,
tat until it is finished, not set aside for months + forget how to pick it up again ---
get the fiber tighter when reversing -
still find flipping the thing over a challenge,
think the picot gauges help --

Not sure I will attempt this pattern a second time.
Practice pieces are a good thing

It is time to move along to other patterns,
ie. hearts, bookmarks, ornaments, edgings.

And beads,
and jewelry,
and a fancy butterfly pattern I found in Workbook Magazine.


Fox said...

This is beautiful Lelia - I would never know you were a beginner! Congrats.

For me, half the fun is picking out my next project. I do believe you should now choose another pattern, rather than repeat what you have tatted so well.

There is so much on-line to choose from. Have you looked at Nancy of Be-stitched's site? She has a lot. When I was beginning I used her patterns often.
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

I adore your beautiful doily. I don't know how to tat so looking at it from my perspective it's absolutely perfect.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I think your doily is gorgeous! I don't know how to tat, and have heard from stitchers who are accomplished in other areas that it is no piece of cake. Kudos on your great finish!

Gina said...

Looks great to me! I don't really like to tat doilies but I have one very similar to this in an ivory color. I set it under small dishes or pots.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lelia, your doily is beautiful! Very clever of you to adapt the doily when the pattern didn't work... are you sure you're a beginner? ; )

Ninu said...

simply beautiful!