Friday, November 25, 2011


This Meme from Anna's blog, Stitch Bitch

1. How will you be spending your Thanksgiving this year?
Home with husband, daughter, sons
2. Will you be cooking or are you just an eater?
Unfortunately, came down with a cold and DH cooked out on the grill.   Made corn casserole.   With DD's help, double baked potato.   Had salads from deli.   Pie from grocery store where DS works.
3. Do you watch the parade every year or football?
I don't care for sports.   Enjoy the parade - once the parade began.   Lots of musicals (promos) ahead of the parade on nbc.   
4. Whats your favorite float?
Hello Kitty.   (who turned 37 on her birthday Nov 1st).    

5. Dark meat or white meat? 
Prefer a chicken roaster over turkey - and probably white.
6. What is your favorite dish besides the turkey?
I made a chicken roaster, stuffing, corn casserole on Tuesday night (as both of our DS didn't have class that night).   I think the corn casserole turned out well this year.
7. Homemade cranberry sauce or cranberry sauce from the can?
I prefer a cranberry cocktail, or cranberry juice.   
8. Do you decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving day?   No.   I like to decorate on Dec 24th and put it all away on Dec 26th.   (the family prefers it out longer, and if they get motivated decorate earlier in December)

9. What are some special family traditions

Watching the Purina Dog show on t.v.
10. Pumpkin pie or pecan?
Pumpkin.   This year we had grocery store - DD is planning to make a couple with home made pie crust over the week-end.   One year I made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin - baked the shell, etc.   It took a very long time!    After that, back to pumpkin from the can.   
11. What is your favorite thing to do with the leftovers?
When I make ham, have a yellow split pea soup that I make with carrots, onion, bay leaf, spices.   When I have poultry left overs, I make a casserole with macaroni noodles + veggies.
12. How long will you spend eating your Thanksgiving meal?
Ten minutes!   Maybe 15.    We usually post pone the pie for an hour.   None of us remembered to uncork some wine!
13. Are you worried about putting on weight this Thanksgiving?
No, there was very little left over from our meal.   
14. What do you normally eat at Thanksgiving?
Either a ham or chicken roaster.   We have a small family + it works for us.   In the past, when relatives visit, I've made turkey - but, usually the group prefers a ham.   I try to have fresh fruit salad and fresh toss salad and steam veggies.   
15. What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
DH and all 3 kidz are working and Boyz doing well at Purdue.   
16. What is your best Thanksgiving memory
One year, we were going to in-laws for a meal.  One of the kidz got sick that a.m.    Had no groceries in the house and ended up making a crock of chili.   The following week, one of the kidz had to write an essay on their meal + mine had to write about eating chili for dinner.
17. Will you be waking up early to hit the sales? No

18. Are you planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving? No

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