Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. Katt

I asked DS-N to get a chicken roaster + ground coffee at the grocery store (as I woke with a head cold).   He tried to phone me 2x and his phone wouldn't connect with mine.   He comes out of the store with a Whole Chicken, Ground Coffee, and an oval roasting pan.    We both chuckled and shrugged our shoulders.   Oh well, I have pans.    

Brought bag in the house, put it on the table, and Mr. Katt has been sleeping in it off/on all day.   When he left the pan to get a drink of water, I went over to the table + he hopped right back it!   Didn't want me to move his new sleeping quarters.

Did you notice the pan is still in the grocery bag? 


mademoiselle liana said...

so cute.....the also chubby....

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is such a cute story! Mr. Katt is certainly enjoying his new bed! (But will he outgrow it?) Love the plastic bag!

If you had sent ME to the store, I would have come back with an already roasted chicken, as I try to avoid cooking and roasting as much as possible. I'm so glad my supermarket does my roasting for me!

Hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

shirley said...

Thank goodness the dish was still in the plastic bag.

Risa Rouge said...

Mr. Cat is so cute!