Sunday, December 04, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells (shopping)


I confess, after reading Diane's Post
about both of these tatting toys, I was looking forward
to attending Tatting Day,
not only for the instruction - but the SHOPPING!!!

It was great to have the opportunity to
try using the shuttle
before deciding to purchase.   And, for the size,
it was kinda easy to use (in my opinion).

I ended up with three of them ...
and, I've lined them up
in this photo so you can see the size.

The first is a Tatsy, followed by
THREE Starlit Tatting Shuttles.
then the Lacis with point, Boye with pic, and Amber Clover.

I'm thinking this size will be very nice to use when adding beads.

As for the thread holder --- oh my, why did I only pick out TWO?
They are perfect for keeping the cats away ; )


Gina said...

The Starlit would be too big for me. Reminds me of the plastic Boye shuttle but I think it is even bigger than that!

Tece said...

I just purchased a wooden walnut tatting shuttle that is 5" long! It's very beautiful~ I think I will use it for yarn tatting or to make some netting :)))