Monday, February 06, 2012

F Word ....

Fusing ...

(What were you thinking????)

These are starts of needlebook projects.

Friends and I are going to enjoy sharing
a creative evening with NANI members.

I wanted to get out some stash and make a few models (so I'd do ok trying to explain to somebody else!!! --- why is it easier to just sit down and "do it" vs. instructing other people?)

I find by taking pictures --- I can easily spot things needing to be 'changed' or embellished before I call it quits on fusing.

I like using Misty Fuse.    I have a needlebook cover sewn (by machine) and like to use a layer of Misty Fuse, then layer with texture .... followed by paper, stamps, tatting practice pieces, and fiber orts.    So far, these have a couple layers of Misty Fuse.  

Next, I pause and take a photo.....  (take a pause before I continue)

Before I trim the edges I look at the overall flow of the images + see if it all relates to my theme.

---These pictures are just a start .... I have more embellishing to do:

I look at my pile of scattered images (from greeting cards or craft freebie images, etc.) to see what I might want to add.   (or peel off!).    I like to have a theme.

Once I'm ok with the overall flow, I take misty fuse + top with tulle.  Fusing done --- needle threaded for more embellishing.    Embellishing is so much fun - use  beads, charms, floss, perle cotton next.    Last, sew in the pages, button, and some kind of easy tie closure.

Maybe have some finished needlebooks in the next day or two.  

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I was thinking felting, but fusing looks like fun!