Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part Two)

Sue Anna didn't want me to snap
her picture .... LOL!

If you visit Diane's blog post,
you will find a photo of her (Sue Anna's) tatting.
(actually, Diane has snaps of everybody's tatted pieces.)

She was tatting a 'challenge' piece
and it was quite lovely.

What a lucky duck, she is going to Tatt Days!!!

We are all green with envy ... and, will give her
our LISTS ; )    Her suitcase will be bulging on the way back.
(Did you see the Tat Off Patterns???)

And look at this:
My very own
Tee Shirt --- hand (tie dye) made

Thx so much ; )  
Honestly, it is so much fun to wear.
When people enter the Oasis ... they
cannot miss us ; )

Sue Anna also brought a tee shirt
for Alison, too.   

I was trying this motif (from Mini Tats) in size 40--pink.
Using size 20 is becoming easier for me to manage.
I think I made it all the way around without a glitch.

Then, wound some size 20--blue, which I am used to;
usually tat with size 20.   Should finish the blue motif this week-end.

These are some of the books
Diane brought with her:
each are incredible!!!! would be
excellent additions to tatting libraries.

Diane is looking for some more pastel
Clover brand shuttles.   She says three lighter colors
in the pkg of 5 are the best for blinging.
Other shuttle colors distort the paper or napkins
Diane uses.   Will go thru my stash this week
and see what I can find.

We enjoy getting together to chat, book review, product review, 
exchange ideas, and there is some tatting, too!   


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Can you believe I'm already thinking about our next meeting? It is a wonderful time! I hope others will be able to join us in September, especially since Sue Anna and Marilee will be telling us all about Tat Days!

Jane Eborall said...

Sue Anna's tshirts are great - I've seen one in real life in Cincinnati last year. Just SO wish you could be at Tat Days, Diane but I'm SO glad we met last year,
Fantastic blog post - thanks Lelia

Fox said...

Lucky tatters being able to "hook" up like that! I am envious!

Those books of Dian's are very enticing. She has the best library and is my finest enabler of book-buying in all of Tat-land!
Fox : ))

Marilee Rockley said...

Now you have your own tie-dyed shirt too! Will see you next time!