Monday, September 10, 2012

wee bit of tatting .... giveaway

This is size 20, color 694
Lizbeth --

And, have you seen the beautiful butterfly pattern on Frivole's blog?   See the picture and details on her post Papillon. After I ordered her pattern, I visited her Etsy, too --- what stunning tatting shuttles!!!  had to order one of those, too.    

(The ort box was made by The Southpaw Stitcher - who has a wonderful giveaway on her blog.  The matchbook style needlebooks were made by me + will be a fundraising item at a local holiday boutique.)

I was asked about our pets .... so, here is the most recent parade of pictures:

Ferel cat that has been visiting since May ....

Mr. Katt (the Bully) who is not allowed on the furniture.

Honey Bunny, who did NOT what her pic taken today.

Geriatric Nikki, who opted for a box
over his basket today.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The match style needle book looks really interesting!

Anonymous said...

I want to learn how to tat. I think I'll be spending my day off pondering and checking out "how to" videos on YouTube.

(please catch and send me that ferrel cat...thank