Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Tollway Tatter gathering photos ....

Denise, Diane, Sue Anna + Barbara

Sue Anna's show-n-tell from Tat Days

Sue, Marilee, + Cheryl

Diane, Sue Anna + Barbara

And, I'm not one to leave empty handed .....
Piz azz by Yarnplayer (couldnt resist)

Goodies from Denise

Goodies from Diane

New piece to try (from Sue) - feels like plastic!

Lastly ....
Somehow I managed tatting a motif out of the
#16 made with size 20 LizBeth fiber.
color 663


God's Kid said...

What a sweet mini motif!! :)
I think those "snowflake" centers are plastic. :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We do manage to come away with goodies, don't we? ;-)

wickedtats said...

so exiciting. I love the tie die shirts! =)

gracie said...

Your motifs are so pretty

Mrs. Miles said...

I stumbled upon your blog - so glad I did. Ohhh you are going to make me want to pick up my tatting again. You are doing wonderful and I enjoyed seein your photos. I am mostly into making cards these days but tat whenever we go away. Tatting is far more portable than card supplies lol!