Friday, November 30, 2012

Giveaway ... and etc.

Oh my, I'm over-the-moon with 
my new fibers!!!   I was fortunate to be the lucky
one chosen for Yarnplayer's giveaway

Yippee Skippee -- so spoiled, I stink!

And, if you haven't been to her blog recently,

Here is motif #24 from Minitats (by Patti Duff).
I used Ice Blue Lizbeth Fiber - size 20.
The lock joins were a challenge!!!
Only need one more to meet the 25 motif challenge for 2012;

While at the most recent Tollway Tatters Gathering, I had
forgotten my yellow folder at home, which housed my tatting patterns : (   
oh my --- what to do?   Never fear, Denise brought
her Minitats book + let me use her copy while she tatted
a snowflake from another book  ... 
I made this little tree motif - I tried to use the #60 motif
 pattern from Minitats + wanted to change it to have the
start and end at the top of the tree.  oops - didn't
quite manage that.   Marilee aka Yarnplayer
suggested a split ring at the top.

Oh my --- why didn't I think of that??? the next one
will have a split ring at the top!!!

We have so much fun when we get together.
Our tables are loaded with tatting books, patterns,
shuttles, bags, and it is a wonderful time to exchange ideas
and tat the afternoon away ; )
(Pictured above:   Eva, Diane, Barbara, Marilee)

Did you notice the shipping deals at
Lots of deals around Veteran's Day and Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and
what ever else..... I had ordered some thread 
Sulky Blendables (because Diane gave me a sample
and the stuff is oodles of fun to use, so I had to own a few spools).

and, I noticed they also have Art Bins
slim line that I like to use.
The pink has a magnetic strip to keep the
crochet hooks from rolling around.
The blue and green are clear + wonderful to use
for scissors and markers, etc.

How can today be November 30th???

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God's Kid said...

Congratulations on the winning of those beautiful threads!! :)
Love the mini tat motif and the Christmas tree is fabulous!!!! :)
Received the package in the mail(Cheryl did too)-thank you so very much!! You are so thoughtful!!! :)