Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lizbeth: Size 3

Handy Hands send a Lizbeth brand, size 3 fiber sample 
with their newsletter.   

Earlier this evening, I tatted a butterfly doodle.
The 4-ring butterfly seemed to use a lot of fiber!
Keeping the ring of DS seemed clumsy at first.

I was glad I had a practice piece before
this motif from MiniTats
(This one is motif #12).
I chose this motif, as the shuttle only needed about 6' of size 3
for the rings -- the rest was from the spool of fiber.

I don't have much left on the spool.
Maybe more doodles this evening!

Did you notice the pretty shuttle?
This one decorated by Diane, blogging
Her color coordinating with her tatting 
is rubbing off on me!

I own 2 wooden shuttles, and find the
fiber shreds while winding.   Tips are so tightly pinched together.
Have not actually used them.

The two new shuttles for my collection
are Gr-8.   I knew they existed; however,
when I held one in my hand (belonged to Tatting Friend),
I knew I'd have to own one!
When I couldn't decide, I bought two.   
I have not tried them yet - they are very pretty to look at!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Aren't shuttle fun to collect? If the tips are too tight on your wooden shuttles, you might try one swipe of super fine sand paper... not too much or you'll have a huge gap! I love the warmth of the wood shuttles. Your tatting looks perfect!

Marilee Rockley said...

Nice collection of shuttles, they're all so pretty! I like your size 3 "doodles", and I agree, the size 3 uses up fiber quickly.

Julia Thom said...

Wow! Beautiful work! Are you sucking me into another craft? It could happen!