Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taking on a Dare ...

A daily treat for me is blog hopping.   One blog I frequent is Diane's blog, Lace-Lovin' Librarian.   She always has interesting posts (with lovely photos).   

So, one day, I saw Diane's post title:    Diane's Doodad Double Dare ... I just had to participate.   The little silver squares (or could be diamonds) will have some tatting surrounding them before the end of September.   What fun!    Some participants have already tatted their components.   For now, I'm just looking at the ones Diane sent to me.   They will have to wait until I finish ....    

I'm in the middle of creating some favors for the NANI workshop in September, and need to focus all my energies on getting them DONE in time.     And, it really is a fun thing to do --- I'm using metallic fibers on card stock, folding into a matchbook, and will insert felt for a needle holder.  (the matchbook on the left side of the photo)   The BEST part is that I'm creating the designs as I go along.    I've made a few mistake, the learning curve, so I can always stitch those again!

After a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby for felt pieces, I found the brass findings (in picture) - they may be a bit large for tatting, just not sure.   I thought they were so pretty (and 25% off).    

Before I put away my shuttles (for the NANI project), I did finish a motif

This is motif #11 in the book.    (I'm going thru the book for the 25-motif challenge).  I used a size 40 Lizbeth for the coral/pink color, with 5 repeats of the pattern.  I also used size 20 Lizbeth for the blue motif - which follows the real pattern.  What I really liked about this pattern, is the way the small rings join with the picot on the larger rings.   I've never done that before.

Do you think I'll make 25 out of the book
before the end of the year????  Oh my.
I'm really enjoying it tho - it is nice to go thru the book
one at a time + create the lovely motifs.

Both of these motifs will be used on Kanzashi flowers.   A friend + I are going to be in charge of a class for the L.A.C.E. members in September.    Hope the combination tatting class and flower class are successful!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mailbag (Part Two)

I received this lovely treasure chest
and notecard (beautiful blue tatting!!!)
from Denise.    Denise is one of the
Tollway Tatters I met last month.   She doesn't
have a blog - tho, I think she needs one!

Are you wondering what was inside the chest?
Goodies!!!!   A beautiful tatted motif,
lovely Mill Hill beads, and pretty Lizbeth tatting fiber.
Imagine my surprise, thx Denise.

The tatting Denise made, matches the shuttle
Diane blinged for me - a perfect match!

Are you wondering where the tatting is being displayed?
(I know some of my GFs already can guess ....)
Yes, my HK plush are
wearing the tatting!

I"m so spoiled, I stink.    I'm thinking the treasure
chest may house my special tatting shuttles.   I seem
to be starting a collection ; )

Thx Denise!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mailbag (Part One)

Don't you enjoy getting the mail sometimes ..... when the envelopes are from friends .... and not bills ....

The lovely card on the left sparkles,
which isn't showing up in the photo.
And, inside was this lovely tatted 
Stumpy from 
(She made loads of them for the Shuttle Shop).
Thx Diane!!!

This shuttle is made by Chris Hinton

The craftsmanship in this shuttle is
outstanding.   Oh my.   It is so beautiful.
Not sure I want to wind fibers on it!!!
Are you familiar with The Tatting Forums?
Go check it out, and drop
a comment on my profile when you visit.

The card on the right from Barbara.  
Her website has photographs of the variety of
lace she has mastered.  An accomplished lacemaker.  And,
don't you think the notecard is awesome?
I don't think I've ever seen a notecard with a tatting shuttle.

Following a Needlelace Class taught by
I joined OIDFA.   I have my first publication.
There is a lot of lace info packed into a few pages!
Types of lace I've never heard of,
lovely photos.   A nice publication.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part Two)

Sue Anna didn't want me to snap
her picture .... LOL!

If you visit Diane's blog post,
you will find a photo of her (Sue Anna's) tatting.
(actually, Diane has snaps of everybody's tatted pieces.)

She was tatting a 'challenge' piece
and it was quite lovely.

What a lucky duck, she is going to Tatt Days!!!

We are all green with envy ... and, will give her
our LISTS ; )    Her suitcase will be bulging on the way back.
(Did you see the Tat Off Patterns???)

And look at this:
My very own
Tee Shirt --- hand (tie dye) made

Thx so much ; )  
Honestly, it is so much fun to wear.
When people enter the Oasis ... they
cannot miss us ; )

Sue Anna also brought a tee shirt
for Alison, too.   

I was trying this motif (from Mini Tats) in size 40--pink.
Using size 20 is becoming easier for me to manage.
I think I made it all the way around without a glitch.

Then, wound some size 20--blue, which I am used to;
usually tat with size 20.   Should finish the blue motif this week-end.

These are some of the books
Diane brought with her:
each are incredible!!!! would be
excellent additions to tatting libraries.

Diane is looking for some more pastel
Clover brand shuttles.   She says three lighter colors
in the pkg of 5 are the best for blinging.
Other shuttle colors distort the paper or napkins
Diane uses.   Will go thru my stash this week
and see what I can find.

We enjoy getting together to chat, book review, product review, 
exchange ideas, and there is some tatting, too!   

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gathering of Tatters (Part One)

Thx Sue Anna for coordinating our gathering.
Barbara, Denise (w/o blog), + Marilee (Yarnplayer) ... 
you were MISSED!

What fun to browse new tatting books
(Diane brings some from home for us to look thru).

Pictured above, Diane lending her
expertise with Alison.

Charming Ava who has mastered the flip
and enjoys the Josephine knots.

The always generous Diane, gifted each
of us with some special fiber
called 4-Eva,
dyed by Jess.   

Did you see the beautiful blinged shuttle???
Made by Diane --- Better Photo:
Thx so much!!!  

Tollway Tatters ... Part Two - tomorrow ....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Porter Co Fair ---

I have posts on my other blog with all of my fair entries .... then, I remember, I have
more tatting friends who follow only this blog ....

so, to repeat ....

I had 15 entries into the Porter Co Fair this Summer.   These are the ones with tatting:

Category 1:  Arts + Crafts
Section 109 - Wearable Art
c. Accessories
Kanzashi flower (given to my MIL)
embellished with tatting and buttons
Comment Card:

Section 101 - Special Occasion (any Holiday, Special Event)
b. Tree Ornament

Tatted Bell
designed by Merie Lettieri

Section 115 - Miscellaneous Crafts
back side
Mixed Media Needlecase

Comment Card says:
"very nice design
very well done
like the way it is decorated
handy idea to store needles"

Category V - Needlecraft
Section 507 - Miscellaneous Needlecraft
b. Other (smocking, tatting, latch hook, etc.)
Mom's Butterfly
comment card
(gave this to my MIL on Sunday afternoon)

The other entries can be seen