Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tollway Tatters

As fun as it is to read updates on Diane's blog - and watch this masterpiece grow larger and larger - we all had quite a treat to see it in person!   Delicate and perfectly tatted.   Follow along in her blog space Lace-Lovin' Librarian.

In addition to the Jan Stawasz project pictured above, Diane also brought along this colorful project --
 Renulek's tat-along doily.

 The charming buttons (below) were made by Diane.  
She had oodles of them in her button tin + kind enough to share with all of us.   I adore the 6-petal and 5-petal buttons.   Easier for me to attempt with samples in hand of buttons in various sizes !!!

Froggers:     These are tatted doodles embellished with beads.   Have a crewel needle attached.  Begin with size 10 fiber and see what small tatting you come up with.
Sue Anna brought supplies for us to experiment with!!!   Nice lace pins for "rip it, rip it" -- thus, called froggers.  
 I brought some needles and berry beads home to create some more.   They are quick tats and fun - nice way to use up bits of fiber and misc beads.  

 Have you ever seen such yummy colors???  Oh my, Marilee's (Yarnplayer) HDT are wonderful.   The colors are vivid and fiber great to use.   Could not resist a shopping spree.   Head on over to her blog for her snowflake pattern.  

Carrie, blogging at Just Give Her some String, shared a container of flatwear / utensil pieces which she obtained from an artist.    The idea is to tat something unique with the openings in the pieces.   Unusual and original!!   I just liked this handle - have not been inspired (yet) to create some kind of free-form tatting.   I'm sure it will come to me soon ... stay tuned

I brought along some zipper pulls to share with the Tollway Tatters.   I continue to empty shuttles of bits of fibers and these are fun to make, just add a clip to the top ring and can hang on a bag, zipper, handle, anywhere a tatted embellishment would be welcome!
Pattern in New Tatting by
Tomoko Morimoto (flower).
Pattern on Grace Tan's blog
for heart.

 I read on Jane's blog that she had 90+ photos of tatted scissor motifs.    I'm seriously thinking needle book cover embellishments.   I think they would be perfect for that.    

Jasper keeping the corner of the bed warm.  
Guess it is time!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I wish I could be like you and remember to take more pictures! It was a fun day, and I look forward to meeting again!

God's Kid said...

Looks like a lot of colorful fun and sharing!! :)