Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tollway Tatters .... continued

Marilee (aka Yarnplayer) + Marlene (aka The Mad Tatter)

Marvelous to visit with Marlene again.  We had our first face-to-face in the fall of 2012, at the House of Stitches in LaPorte.   I learned how to tat  from the owner of House of Stitches.   AND, at that visit, I saw Marlene's butterfly - using the HWT technique   (more in next post).     
I enjoy following "The Mad Tatter" on her tatting adventures , via  Cathy B's blog --- link HERE.       Marlene perfected a new technique!    Catherine Wheel Join!   So, what is a Catherine Wheel Join, you ask?   Here is a video:    Or, check out the pdf file - LINK HERE.

Marilee + Marlene were engrossed in tatting , esp., this particular tatted join.   We enjoy getting together to share knowledge, hands on demo, talk about the latest books +fibers, new patterns, tatting tools, and other funness.

  (btw, Marilee has oodles of videos, patterns, tips, how-tos -  Check out Yarnplayers blog - link HERE.   )    This (photo below) is one of Marilee's HDTs.  "Berry Sundae"  fiber!   chocolate and berries!   
 thx Marilee ; )    I'm thinking about how to use this unique colorway!   If you have ever used Yarnplayer HDTs, you already know the high quality fiber she has & also will know photos never do justice!  

 Sue Anna was tatting a lovely split ring ornament.   She used two fibers --- metallic and white fiber.

 This is the book --- the patterns are lovely.   Large diagrams, numbered, and look at the variety of motifs.  

Once Sue Anna finished this motif, I had to snap a couple photos.   I liked the sparkle, shimmer of the metallic.   It is a new(ish) product called Liz Metallic.      Personally, I have not tried it in a project.  The variety of colors are amazing!!! 

How cool to have the split rings create an interesting pattern of colors.   Awesome tatting Sue Anna!

Sue Anna suggests using Jane Eborall's ' Dead Spider ' split ring technique.   Link HERE.

A good time had by all -- next gathering planned for August.   Keep an eye on Lace-Lovin' Librarian blog for announcements.   

During our walk out to the vehicles - The Mad Tatter commented on what a lazy blogger I've been!!!  So, next the post will be tatting I have from her -- and the HWT - - stay tuned. 

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