Monday, February 08, 2010

new books ....

It looks like I'm next on the library list for
The Help, by K. Stockett.

I've started Her Fearful Symmetry twice & just cannot get into it.
has anybody read it?
think I should give another try?

I cannot think of one reason that I need to go book shopping;
however, the mood hit & I picked out three paperbacks.

These are the ones I selected:

The House at Riverton

NYTimes book review

Let The Great World Spin
2009 National Book Award Winner's "Book of the Year"

This book has terrible reviews; however, a couple GFs said that it was funny. Chic Lit.

I still am interested in reading
The Lace Makers of Glenmara
-- coming out in paperback June 22nd.

What's in your book bag?


Crazee4books said...

Hi Lelia

Don't know about the other two books
but I have read The House at Riverton and enjoyed it very much. The book initially caught my eye because I have a friend named Kate Morton. Lol!

After reading this book I ordered her other book The Forgotten Garden
but I haven't read it yet. I see on her web site that she has a new book coming out soon too. Yippee!

Be aware that The House at Riverton
was released under two different names, the second being The Shifting Fog. I suppose one title was released in England and the other here. I hate when they do that.

Your little tatted butterflies are
so lovely!! Their pretty, bright
colors and delicate shapes are
delightful. Love 'em!


Babs said...

I read "The Forgotten Garden" and loved it. Also, I just finished "The Help" and enjoyed it also. Right now I have "The Paris Wife" from the library. I truly enjoy reading on my Nook and getting books from the library on it. What a treat to never have to leave home. Enjoy....

Babs said...

I read "The Forgotten Garden" and loved it. Also, I just finished "The Help" and thought it was great. My current book from the library on my Nook is "The Paris Wife". It is so wonderful to get books from the library electronically and never have to leave home.