Thursday, March 04, 2010

a whole row ...

I managed a whole row with joined picot & no boo boo's .... well, if you see a mistake, don't tell me, ok? I had the help of a small crochet hook - made this so much easier than using the tip of the shuttle.

Used size 10 crochet cotton this time.

I am liking the picot gauges - they do help!

And, why is it that the red shuttle is easiest for me to use, and hardest to find? What is with that?

Perhaps I'll get used to other shuttles : )

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sewmuchfun4 said...

Very, VERY nice job on the rings and chains! I see the corner of a Handy Hands picot gauge in the picture, but I also see a little box of what looks like wooden sticks. Are those the picot gauges you use? "Cause my gadget-loving, tactile self thinks they look pretty sweet!

I'm a clover girl myself. I could probably find them in Joann's blindfolded at this point... Does that mean I have too many? Never!
:) Ann