Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicago Botanic Garden, Part Three

DD in front of Pat Kelly's booth.

DH in front of Pat Kelly's booth.

I bought two boxes of her (Kellys) beautiful note cards (one box being mailed to MIL). I think even selected a few more (DD has them).

And, of course, picked up a souvenier pin. I enjoy picking them up when I visit places. My collection continues to grow ... but, I enjoy collecting.

This is what the booths looked like outdoors. DH + I are in the middle (he in grey-lavender, me in yellow). Very sunny, very warm!

Beautiful Gardenia was in the conservatory. I was given a Gardenia at a restaurant in St. Louis - My (now) husband, then fiancee + I were talking about our wedding plans. The couple in the booth next to us were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. She began to cry as we were going thru our details. She came over and shared with us, that she and her husband (of 25 years) also planned their wedding in that very same restaurant. It was something I've never forgotten. It was magic. Such a special moment in my life. I had three gardenias in my bridal bouquet.

One day, soon, I'll have to upload more of the photos - the gardens were awesome that day!

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miscellanea said...

So every time You see a gardenia You remember. What a touching story! Thanks for sharing.