Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tat It and See - hosted by Sherry Pence

Fall 2013 TIAS:   Tat it and See! 

Grab your shuttles and fibers ... 

a tatting mystery has begun. 

Sherry Pence,  aka Lady Shuttlemaker, is hosting Fall 2013 TIAS:   Tat It And See!   

 It is an international tatting event, starting Sept 23rd 2013, with parts of a tatting pattern revealed over a few days.   
Are you new to TIAS?   Link to the Introduction - HERE.     

Per Sherry:   "Every couple of days I will release a new portion of the pattern. "   
The pattern, created by Sherry, will be posted 

Consider tatting along, or following the progress of your lace making friends - Link HERE.

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wickedtats said...

I love the shuttle! Did you use glitter glue?