Tuesday, January 21, 2014

mini tats ....

Motif #50

Lizbeth Fiber, Size 20, Col. 620

This was a delight to tat!

What a mess .... this is an awful try at Motif #52.    It isn't 'flat', I forgot about the final join, and really need to re-tat this one.    Thinking with tighter chains and maybe longer picot on the outside rings, it might work out.    Maybe tighten up the center rings, too.    Looks pretty nice in the book!!!

These patterns are from 
Minitats, 69 petite motifs 
by Patti Duff [1999]

Saw the new colors of Lizbeth in an e-mail from Handy Hands.   Twisting colors together, fiber called "Twirlz".  Per web site:    "  The Lizbeth Twirlz thread is 100% Egyptian cotton, a 6-ply Cordonnet, which means two thread are twisted together, then three cords are twisted together for a 6-ply Cordonnet. Before the three cords are twisted together they are dyed three different colors, then twisted together, double mercerized, and gas singed. This gives the Lizeth Twirlz thread a unique look never seen in a 6-ply Cordonnet thread. "    Does sound Interesting.    

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God's Kid said...

Love the first motif!!! :)
And the second looks like a really good try!! :)