Monday, March 17, 2014

doodles ....

One of my GFs had some left over Delica beads, from her projects, and I was happy to take the beads off her hands!!!  I got them out this evening and used them with some tatting.   I mixed up a few colors.  Delica Bead (DB):   DB 625, DB 1107, DB 11, DB 133, DB 853.    I used Lizbeth size 20, Col. 131.

On the left, a butterfly pattern based on one found in Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones (p.71)  -- on the right Jon Yusoff's dragonfly pattern - Link Here.

Usually, I would put the beads on the fiber around my hand while making rings - and the beads would be in place of picots.   This time, I left the beads on the shuttle until I needed them - and made the picots.   A bit different for me [tho tatters who frequently use beads, probably will laugh!].   I also tried adding beads in the picots/joins with a crochet hook.   It was okay, once I got used to it.

Tatted up some butterflys too.   The beads add shimmer and extra color!   What fun.   

I had so much mending to do this past week.  Below, are photos of Mr. Katt (Simon).   I had some catnip in the cabinet - and got it out to make some cat nip toys (request by DD).   The cat was all over the cabinet.   Would not stop searching.   So, put him out of the room, made a cat nip toy for him and set it by the door.   Once he had his own NEW toy, I was able to finish the rest for tomorrow's mail!

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God's Kid said...

Really great butterflies and dragonflies!!! :)