Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exchange received ....

I was really excited to see a photograph on the Tatting Group [Facebook group] of Deb C's organization.   On 5/18, she was inspired to gather her tatting together and organize!!!   And in the photo - I noticed a Tatting Press.    I had seen this on Ann's blog, Nifty Needle - had the pattern, and couldn't quite figure out how to put it all together.
After a couple PMs back-n-forth with Deb, we exchanged ... an origami bag for a tatting press.   Thx Deb!!  

  Deb received her bag + said she liked it.

I now have my tatting press!    I picked it up from the post office on Friday - and used it already.  What a lovely press, the color, the design, so useful ....  The back pocket is for scissors - or shuttle - or tools.

The top pockets are intended for shuttles.   The tatting, in progress, is safe inside the 'press'.   A soft fabric that keeps the tatting STILL - nice to grab the next day + not have to untangle the shuttles!!!
The original design and pattern is by Ann, blogging at Nifty Needle.     For other free tutorials for origami bag, thread catchers, etc ... follow THIS LINK.
The tatting is pattern No.4 of  Nellie Hall Youngburg.   Link in sidebar.   Using size 80 - DMC #59.

And, I have some information on the lovely leather container which was a gift from GF.   Melody told me it was purchased in Racine, WI -- There is a gift shop at the DeKoven Center.   It is an old seminary, near Taylor Hall.   I have more photos - HERE.    I have filled with my tools.   it has picot gauge set, 1/2 size crochet hooks, shuttles, and small scissors.


wickedtats said...

The tatting press looks fantastic! The wonders of the internet are infinite!

gracie said...

I love the tatting press but can not print it out! What is the secret?

Karol Johns said...

The press looks great. Love the little tabby purse!