Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tatting and Tools/Toys

Over-the-Moon with my new TSA shuttles.    The TSA group is on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tattingshuttleaddicts/ - Tatting Shuttle Addicts.   I have learned a lot about different types of tatting shuttles.    NAG Studio [Needle Arts Goddess] has an Eddie shuttle design in Maple for sale thru her ETSY store.   These shuttles are to commemorate TSA's two years.   btw --Anybody can purchase the Eddie / maple shuttle and can opt for personalized engraving.   With or without hook. 

I noticed on FB, The Tatting Corner / Jennifer  posted:    " I have a special request for small tatted or laced butterflies. We are vending at Annie's Craft Festival October 30-November 1st and would like to include a small butterfly to each flier that we hand out to encourage more folks to keep this wonderful art form going. "    She would like them by 10/28 ... Started a few last night ---

Repeating ....  I really adore these Tulip Etimo lace hooks.   While I hesitated to purchase the set -- I am so glad I went ahead with the order.    The roll up is nice + closes with a magnet.   The hooks are nice sizes for lace.   I also added my favorite Carrickmacross  lace scissors, knitting pin, Susan Bates yarn needle, a couple double point knitting [sock?] needles, and LACIS crochet hook.   The cotton candy embroidery scissors have been my 'go to' recently!

Edited to add:    Scissors also known as Steeking Scissors at Knit Picks.  Thx Diane!!!

This is my re-tat of Leaping Lambies pattern by Karey Solomon.   You may remember my first attempt?   [in a previous post]

A few doodles for Lafayette Lacemakers - to be handed out at community events.    


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've thought of ordering those Tulip crochet hooks, but I've hesitated because I have so many already! I have those same scissors, sold as steeking scissors at Knit Picks.

God's Kid said...

Nice shuttles!! :)
Great butterflies and doodles and cute lambie!!! :)

gracie said...

Love the lamb