Tuesday, August 16, 2016

shuttles and notions

Edited ..... 

I have not done much tatting.    The above photo are practice pieces / motifs, patterns handed out for the IOLI Tat-Off (Indianapolis, IN).   There were three patterns on the page, for three categories:   tatting over 5 years, learned how to tat today/tonight, and split rings.   (I think that was what they were - I may be mistaken).    I made and donated the prizes, and was over-the moon when the owners of Black Sheep at Orenco added to them.   I didn't participate in the tatting.   I did help with the split rings.   Hands on refresher and then Kelli started the stop watch -- and yes, we had winners!   I am gobsmacked by the different ways people tat - and how FAST some people tat.   I'm just a snail!!!   

Check out Kelli's post and photos:

I Emceed the Tat Off - Link Here.  

Below:  A lovely Clover, Japan, necklace kit.   I adore their kits - pattern, fibers, findings, shuttles -- looking forward to creating this piece.

 Above:  While my sister visited this summer, we went thru antique malls - many of them!   We had such a good time browsing the vendor booths.   I spotted some small containers & yep, they were for tatting.   Vintage J P Coats containers for tatting fiber, Tat-It.   I found 3 with some old balls of fiber for $2.  yes, I know.   What a find.

The shuttle (above) is new.  Shuttle by Design.     I wanted this one because of the lace design (both sides) AND it matches a small dish I own.   I try to pick up small dishes for pins and orts, this dish is for the shuttle.    The others I bought (below).


Madtatter80 said...

Wonderful post, love the shuttle and beautiful dish and thanks for sharing the great experience you had

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, dear... if I have a special dish for every special shuttle, Dave might have to build me a new wing just for tatting paraphernalia!

You've made some wonderful purchases, especially those adorable vintage thread holders!

God's Kid said...

Neat kit and interesting finds!! :) Great shuttle!!! :)