Monday, January 22, 2018

TIAS 2018

Day Two

Size 20, Col 117 
   Sumiko Braithwaite made the tatting shuttles.   Check out her artistry via Etsy.    Link HERE.  

Size 20, Col 127 
   The Lacy Roses tatting shuttles are made in Japan by Ayumi Horiai. (link HERE)  Can be purchased in the US at the Tatting Corner.   


Check out the clues and guesses --- on the Tat It and See blog .... 
Link HERE.    Thank you Jane Eborall !!!   So far, so good .... Looking forward to Day Three.


Madtatter80 said...

beautiful shuttles and thanks for the link :) the colors wonderful!

Jane McLellan said...

Pretty shuttles. Pretty tias too.

gracie said...

All so lovely.....

God's Kid said...

Gorgeous shuttles!!! :)
Looks like you are off to two great starts!! :)