Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fourth Tatted Charm . . .

Two-Dot Picots !!    I used Lizbeth Size 20, Color 621
Changed the picots in this pattern.

Pattern Josephine Knot Quatrefoil by
Kelli Slack c. 2023

Intermediate Tatting:  Beyond Rings, Chains, & Joins
Kelli Slack Designs

This is another practice 'tat' from our first session.  Learned A LOT.
I used Lizbeth, Size 20 Colors 622 + 614.

The Intermediate Tatting, two sessions (two hours per session),
are offered via zoom thru the Lace Museum, Virtual Education.  There are multiple classes/workshops listed - some holiday theme, too.

The first session covered a variety of tatting.   Josephine knots, Dot picots, Double and Triple picots, Lock joins, Zig zag chains ... with more to come (beads, floating rings, split rings, SCMR, etc.).  Then, you can practice what you've learned with the charm patterns - clip the charms to a bag, necklace, etc.



muskaan said...

Great way to learn and apply!

Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful to be able to learn like that!

Lavinia said...

You'll be able to make so many interesting things with the new techniques you've been learning.