Saturday, September 08, 2007

New teapot ...

Can you believe I opened up the cupboard & 'stuff' fell out & broke my teapot??? Well, that is what happened. Next morning, I drove over to K-mart for a new one. I purchased a 6-cup [previously owned a 4-cup] "hydrangea" by Martha Stewart. There are matching sugar bowl & cream pitcher, table settings [dinnerware] in this same pattern. Not sure I need anything but the teapot!

I've been receiving e-mails about my blog ... or lack of posts. Honestly, I've just been to busy. I spent a couple days in our youngest son's room -- it was just terrible & now looks so much better. I have a couple more rooms in the house to tear apart to clean & reorganize. I had some skin issues, dental issues, eye appt, Nick had wisdom teeth removed, boys had dental visits & eye appts, plus, the never ending driving the boys to/from work & to/from rehearsals & to/from school activities. I have not done any stitching since July -- and will try to visit more blogs soon & will try to post more frequently!!!

As for books -- right now I'm reading one from Ann Rice. I borrowed my GF, Sue D's, paperback. Web site HERE.

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