Monday, June 07, 2010


These are made with LizBeth size 20 (2 on left), DMC Cebelia size 20 (lt pink), and Valdani perle coton #12 (ones on the right)

I tried using size 12 Valdani (perle cotton) on these simple flowers.
The perle is soft - but pretty when finished.
They are the two on the right in above pic
The fiber was pretty worn while making the rings
But, I was happy with the end result

Yes, I'm back at this heart again ...
I mess it up each time,
either a counting mistake
or the heart shape is a circle

Took a break & lost my picot gauges
Now have new picot gauges & am giving it another try
I am determined

I'll try doing all the tatting without taking a break
and then will make it lay flat!!!! and look like a heart!

And, was gifted some new-to-me colors
of LizBeth size 20
fibers to try ... beautiful colors!

The multi color matches a solid color ---
Stay tuned

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sewmuchfun4 said...

Really pretty! The Valdani colors are beautiful.

Good luck with the heart. Following patterns has gotten easier for me. I used to feel like I spent as much time losing and looking for my place in a pattern as actually tatting. It helped me to use a magnet board like I used to use for cross stitch. I used the magnet to mark my place while I tatted. It helped me allot and I still do it if a pattern is kind of complicated.

I'm working on the press tutorial! Before that I used an unread copy of Tom Jones to keep my tatting flat while in progress, but I SUPPOSE any book would do! :)

:) Ann

:) Ann