Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiration ...

Boarded the South Shore this a.m.
and headed into Chicago w/Alex, youngest son.

We wanted to view the Matisse exhibit before it closed on June 20th. It was an interesting exhibit and showed how Henri Matisse was inspired by other artists & developed his own way of expressing his ideas.

I think Alex was more impressed by the jade displays, ancient coins, blades, and Sound & Vision exhibit.

The Sound & Vision exhibit was in gallery 188, Modern Wing - It was unique! On one wall there was a tv set on and when cars zoomed accross the screen, they sounded a musical tone! Each lane of traffic had a unique tone. Traffic as art - awesome.

The Lions at AIC are still decked out with the Blackhawks Helmets.

I have tried two more times to get a simple pink heart completed
That reverse work just gets me confused
I'll be moving along & all of a sudden .... oops!

Trying again this afternoon

You'd think by now, I'd be able to get
a larger bit of tatting completed ...

I'm going to try marking the pattern as I go along
and triple counting the rings before closing them

There must be a trick to opening a closed ring - I just get a mess

Meanwhile, I emptied my shuttles & made some smaller motifs
for cards (and for friends who requested some! --- I haven't forgotten)

Perhaps I just need MORE shuttles!!! LOL

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Typstatting said...

Those butterfly's are really pretty and a I just love the vareigated thread. Also doing well on the pink heart.