Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilt Show finds

Beth, Karol, and I
enjoyed the
Berrien Towne & Country
Quilt Guild's

Quilt Show

What a wonderful display of quilts!
Such a talented group of quilters!
The show booklet was nicely done
(excited to find the Erica's coupon, will come in handy this month)

(photo at the top) We sat in on two demos --- the first one was about how to paper piece quilt blocks, great for precision piecing! the other demo was on crayon tinting. We had a simple flower drawn on muslin (freezer paper backing) with pigma pen. The idea is to lightly color with crayons. when you like the result - heat up your iron and press to heat set. Peel off the paper and embroider/embellish the blocks.

Wandered thru the vendors & picked up
two needlebooks with leaf prints. They are done with acrylic paints!

Picked out two wool kits/packs to make cupcake pincushions.
I didn't buy the instructions; however,
Karol looked at the pices
& showed me basically how to put it together.
Wish me luck.

Found a cute 'kittie' panel.
picture here

What a wonderful day with friends : )


Karol said...

It was a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing your cupcake pincushions!

Gina said...

This reminds me that I made a quilt for my mom many years ago made up of blocks colored by her grandkids with fabric crayons. It never occurred to me to embroider them....but I didn't have time anyway. Love the needlebooks!