Sunday, July 22, 2012

improved tatting

I have been going thru the on-line tatting lessons
via Craftsy
for Yarnplayer aka Marilee Rockley's course

Wrapping my fiber differently, around my left hand resulted in WAAAAYYYY
better chains - nicer looking knots, more even tatting.   And, I compared -- wrapping the way I originally was taught vs wrapping the
Marilee way .... even used size 10 crochet cotton to compare.

Guess what?  my chains look better

 - thx Marilee!

(The origami box was Saturday's class following the L.A.C.E. business meeting. )

Friday, July 20, 2012

OIDFA photographs

International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organization

(Links from Lace Digest)

What beautiful photographs!
See the albums via links:

Edited 7/22 - another album:   OIDFA2012 Caen

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gathering of Tatters [Part Two]

Continued from previous post ...

Diane aka Lace-lovin' Librarian
made origami bags for each of us.

I have seen her bags when she
would share photos on her blog +
am over-the-moon to own my own.

Aren't they wonderful??
Cheerful color, well constructed,
and really .... just too kewl.
Isn't this a fantastic origami pouch?
When you lift up the flap, there are outside pockets
on each side -- wonderful to protect
the tatting inside from poking shuttles and scissors.
The bottom is rectangular + three balls of
fiber are a perfect fit.

If you are interested in sewing
and bag construction, there are a couple sites
on-line with patterns ... please visit:

Thx Diane!  Your kindness and generosity
overwhelm me!

Do you visit Yarnplayer's blog?   Was really happy
to meet Marilee + she was gracious, agreed to autograph my books.
She brought her bracelets which she has up on her blog.  
They are so stunning!!!!!

She even had a gift bag which included
some stunning hand dyed fibers which she sells
on her ETSY site.  

She also brought some skeins if we were
interested in purchasing.

IMO, the photos don't do the colors justice.   They are quite lovely.
I felt like a kid in the candy store going thru Marilee's bin of fibers --
 each skein rich in color,  and top notch in quality.

I continue going thru the lessons from Marilee's
Craftsy Course.   It is easier for me to learn
by listening and watching vs. diagrams and photos.
Somehow, watching tatting in motion 
makes my brain happier ; )

I enjoyed going thru Diane's tatting books, and Barbara's lace book.  What fun to see the variety of tatting shuttles, and tools.    A terrific opportunity to learn new skills and 
share tatting with enthusiastic friends.
Thx for the invitation - I look forward to getting together again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gathering of Tatters [Part One]

Denise, Sue Anna, Barbara, Me, 
Marilee aka Yarnplayer, Diane aka Lace Lovin' Librarian
Diane's Granddaughter.   
(Diane's daughter, Alison, took the photograph).

I noticed some of Alison's tatting up on Diane's blog today.   

The Tollway Tatters gathered last week ... to share, laugh, chat + create ..... 
..... Exchange goodies. .....  
Get help with techniques, adding beads,
 hands on book reviews, compare fibers, 
oooh and aaah over tatting, bags, shuttles, +tools we cannot live without.
Have I forgotten anything???

Thx ladies for the warm welcome.
I enjoyed the generosity of spirit and
sharing our tatting passion.    What fun to 
relax with like minded tatters for five hours.   

These are lovely fobs with charms (including first name initial)
to match unique shuttles
created by Diane - photo above for Karol aka Rosebud's Stitching
photo on bottom for me ; )  Thx so much!

Lovely fiber + tatting from Sue Anna and Denise.
Thx you both!
Denise said it is a rose motif ... and, when I went on line,
I need to give this a try - it looks so beautiful in hand.
I think Denise needs a blog, don't you?

I want to use it with a Kanzashi flower - right now,
it is on my desk where I can continue to admire it!!!

I brought a tin of naked Kanzashi flowers
for the ladies to embellish, using their
tatting, buttons, beads --- I hope they enjoy
playing in their stash and creating a fun flower.   

I have a couple new Clover Templates
and think the new flower shapes are fun.
The last one I made is for my MIL
and, I entered it into the Porter Co Fair.

I don't know if it will be awarded a ribbon - I hope so.

Oh, and there is MORE - in Part Two ....

More photos here and here.

Friday, July 13, 2012


#11) Modified motif from Patti Duff's Mini Tats

I probably will try this one again, the 
pattern has additional rings -- so the center with 5 rings
is supposed to have 6 rings.

I was planning to use this on a Kanzashi flower
which has 5 petals - so, changed the pattern to five.

LizBeth #20 color 632

I have four new Clover Templates
for Kanzashi flowers.   I recently 
acquired the Daisy and Orchid shapes
in both sizes.

The Orchid is quickly becoming my favorite shape!

On Sept 15th, I'll be teaching embellishing flowers with
Marianne at the L.A.C.E. meeting.    Marianne and I will go thru basics
of tatting (Marianne doing most of the presenting)- and for those who already know basics,
will use the Clover templates to make flowers + embellish
with simple tatted (round) motifs.
Sound like fun?   I hope members enjoy the class.