Monday, March 31, 2014

Local Quilt Show ....

Lovely finds in the "Garden Maze of Vendors".     Petals + Blooms web site link here.   I bought some 12 wt Sulky, needles, and a vintage hanky with tatted edge.  I probably should have picked up a spool of blue thread, too.   maybe next time.     Diane, blogging at Lace- Lovin' Librarian, was the first person I know who tatted with this Sulky fiber.   More on her post - link HERE

One of the vendors had closed a store 16 years ago.   Was an area of nostalgia!  I selected a charming sunbonnet sue pin.     Got to talking and she said she had a couple shuttles in a 'special bag'.  Not on display, under the table, behind the drape.    She gave them to me!   These shuttles are happy in their new home - Susan Bates [C J Bates + son Chester CT]and "Boye" improved.   [The Boye Needle Co. Chicago].

So many beautiful quilts - these were my favourite BLOCKS:

This, my favourite quilt - Ewe-Niquely Baltimore.   Sign said it was a Block-of-the-month - made in wool.  Very unique and lovely.   Also was given a special award from judge.  

 Thx Karol and Candy for meeting up with me.   I know I'm a snail when looking at everything.   You are both very patient and kind.

Additional kewl things found at the "Gathering Place Flea Market":

The books [above] are so BEAUTIFUL.   Both brand new, I paid $4/each

Bag of Buttons $3.   Plus one smaller bag for .50

More photos of quilts - if interested,
 Stitches of Life, link HERE.

For information on String-a-Long Quilt group, visit their web site - link HERE and Facebook page, link HERE.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

International Tatting Day Challenge

April 1st is International Tatting Day.    Do you visit Shuttlebirds -Words from the Knot House ... blog? 

I've been going thru little doodle patterns - to tat and GIVE AWAY on the first of April.    I adore doodles.   I have tried to keep track of them on a pinterest board.   

I was interested in the challenge ... if you have not read, link HERE.   
Direct Link:

I suggest reading the whole post ... here is part of it:

 Wednesday's challenge by Davina-Maria is as follows:

"Make and give away 10 small tatted items on April 1. If you send in a picture of your 10 items and your address, we will send you 10 yards of the new Lizbeth Twirlz. (Will ship out AFTER workshop)
I look forward to your giveaway stories.

Monday, March 24, 2014


I have tatted my first pair of earrings.   I used Marilee Rockley's pattern, called Filigree Earrings.  This pattern and oodles of tatting information can be found on her blog, Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog.

I noticed she has a couple pair for sale in her etsy store - Yarnplayer.   For my earrings, I used Delica beads, from GF Beth, and Lizbeth Col. 117 - Size 20 fiber.    Should I ever attempt this again 
(and for me, was a challenge to keep everything even - and with a 'pair', keeping them alike) 
I probably would use  a variation of this pattern with jewelry findings in my stash.    

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tatting: Clover Leaf

I used size 20, Lizbeth Color 138, for these motifs.

No. 17

No. 18 Another Clover Leaf Design

Under the pattern, No. 18,  it says:
"From:  Woman's World Book of Plain and Fancy Needlework Magazine, 1920"

No. 16

Patterns in Myra Piper's book:  Tatting.

and a doodle - shuttle empty now ; )

Monday, March 17, 2014

doodles ....

One of my GFs had some left over Delica beads, from her projects, and I was happy to take the beads off her hands!!!  I got them out this evening and used them with some tatting.   I mixed up a few colors.  Delica Bead (DB):   DB 625, DB 1107, DB 11, DB 133, DB 853.    I used Lizbeth size 20, Col. 131.

On the left, a butterfly pattern based on one found in Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones (p.71)  -- on the right Jon Yusoff's dragonfly pattern - Link Here.

Usually, I would put the beads on the fiber around my hand while making rings - and the beads would be in place of picots.   This time, I left the beads on the shuttle until I needed them - and made the picots.   A bit different for me [tho tatters who frequently use beads, probably will laugh!].   I also tried adding beads in the picots/joins with a crochet hook.   It was okay, once I got used to it.

Tatted up some butterflys too.   The beads add shimmer and extra color!   What fun.   

I had so much mending to do this past week.  Below, are photos of Mr. Katt (Simon).   I had some catnip in the cabinet - and got it out to make some cat nip toys (request by DD).   The cat was all over the cabinet.   Would not stop searching.   So, put him out of the room, made a cat nip toy for him and set it by the door.   Once he had his own NEW toy, I was able to finish the rest for tomorrow's mail!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

tatting an edge

24" tatted edge.   I used Lizbeth size 20 - off white color.

I tatted this edge for a girlfriend.   She saw a stitched model, with tatted trim at House of Stitches.   I visited the LNS & realized, I actually had the needlework pattern in my 'stash'.   So, went on a hunt thru my tatting books, and found the pattern.   It was an edge with tatted rings, rings, rings, and rings.   I tatted a sample [or three] before I started the edge.   Tension pretty good thru the project!  

 (Above) this is the project with tatting ... (below) book where I found the pattern.   Both can be purchased in stores and on-line.   They are not out of print.

It is so pretty, I may need to stitch the project and tat another edge!!!

While sorting thru my stash, I came across a couple handkerchief packages - they are screaming for a tatted edge.   Perhaps my next adventure... 

Saturday, March 08, 2014


If you have not read Sharon's post 
Are You a Shuttle Hoarder --- head on over!!!
What a hoot.   Sharon blogs at

Motif #5 in Lizbeth 632 and Lizbeth 663

 Motif #6 in Lizbeth 615 and Lizbeth 632 - tension, tension, tension.   + a few doodles!   I like to have empty shuttles.   And, I must be a hoarder.   I seem to own a bunch - and like the variety of colors, sizes and styles.

From:  Motifs for Marie
by Kaye B Judt

Saw this on facebook, went to a few Target stores - and found one.   Too cute ; )    I see on the box there is a collection of FIVE.   The other four look to be the same doll in different clothing.   Would be nice to see the clothing sold separately.   I'm just sayin.    

Friday, March 07, 2014

motif #4

  I like the picots on the chains - they look like ruffles!  I enjoyed the motif & tatted twice.

This is 4th Motif 
Motifs for Marie by Kaye B. Judt.

Tatted with Lizbeth #622, Size 20 AND Lizbeth #621, Size 20