Friday, March 26, 2010

without a twist ....

... making a final join Such improved rings of tatting with the final join NOT TWISTED.

I made a few practice pieces:
and with the help of Ann's post
Tatting - twisted picot join tutorial
from her
Nifty Needle blog

I think I've got it!

Thx Ann for visiting my blog,
taking the time to comment & provide such a helpful link ...
You rock!
So helpful to me & I appreciate it so much!

I cannot get over the difference it makes to get it RIGHT

OK, moving along to the next tatting skill / challenge / pattern ....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tatting around ....

This motif is from The Complete Book of Tatting.
I managed to get all the way around.
(using DMC #20 Cebelia Color 210)
I got a twist in the final join - need to practice that some more.

Some of the instructions I've read have a join followed by the second half of double stitch -- some instructions I've read just have a join & don't mention a second half of a double stitch. Not sure, not sure, not sure.

These are practice motifs from The Complete Book of Tatting using Lizbeth size 20, color 141.

I am planning to practice more rings to get that final join to lay better (with out a twist). And may look on-line to see what u-tube & other sites say about the join with a 'second half of a double stitch' as I haven't done that!!

I has been great to own a couple more books.
Each has something to offer a beginner!


These are so pretty & delightful to create.
I've used size 20 fiber - Lizbeth crochet cotton.
The patterns are in a book I bought called Butterflies Migrating from Palmetto Tatters Guild

In addition to the simple butterflies, I've been trying some motifs from the book The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones.
I continue to struggle with reverse work.
I seem to get the ball thread twisted & haven't quite got the hang of
the final join to complete the ring.
Will keep practicing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilting Day

Today is National Quilting Day .... so, what are you quilting today?

Information from Holiday Insights - web site:

National Quilting Day (third Saturday in March) celebrates fabulous quilts and those who make them. Definitely a ladies hobby, quilting is a skill that produces warm and beautiful results.

Today is a day to recognize and appreciate the quiltmakers, the skill and the warm and the results. If you are a quiltmaker, spend a minute to recognize and appreciate that you have truely been blessed with a special skill. If you are not a quiltmaker, wrap yourself into a quilt and enjoy the warmth.

Origin of "National Quilting Day":
The National Quilting Association started National Quilting Day in 1991. Their members passed a resolution at the 22and Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska, on June 1991.

I usually submit a block (or 2) for the annual Friendship Quilt. My 2009 blocks didn't get turned in by the deadline. I will take them in tomorrow & hope they can be added to the stack when the quilt is assembled in April.

I like one color combination better than the other (block on the right w/prettier blue makes a nicer block, and I think that is color the pattern called for ). I'm not crazy about one part where the star is 'off', didn't get that corner lined up -- so trying again. Mistake really shows up (IMO).

I made the first couple with sewing machine & will try to hand piece - get those squares to line up!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Stuff ....

What fun visiting Erica's in South Bend.
They seem to have a little bit of EVERYTHING!

I left with new 'stuff':

Clover, Size 14 hook
w/nice handle & cap ... and,
this one I hope not to misplace.

These small crochet hooks go missing quickly
when I'm tatting & joining the picots

Maybe this one won't get away

Picked up the new
Oval yo yo maker

I saw a tv show where they used round yoyo's and pulled them
into oval shapes for leaves

I made a couple last night -- this is the large size

Picked out some new needles (quilting & darning), pretty fat quarters
because I just couldn't leave them in the store
for some other lucky seamstress

One day, in 2008, I set down my needlework. I just couldn't face another cross stitch pattern - or specialty stich. I love needlework - just knew there were other ways to express myself - other arts for me to explore. I decided I wanted to expand my skills with more than needlework. I created a list.

Last Sunday, I pulled out my tattered/beat up list from 2008 & think I've covered all but a couple of things:

-Sewing Machine (Dec2008)

-comfort doll (class / completed project)
Doll Class
Inner Child Doll
Still want to make some doll clothing

-crazy quilting (class / incomplete project)
CQ Needlebook

-punchneedle (class / completed projects)
Punch needle Class
Halloween Project

-tatting (lesson / finished projects)
tatting lesson
finished small butterflies
Still have more to learn & I pick up the shuttles every day

-yo yo pets (patterns / incomplete project)
fabric yo yos started
Continue to make the yo yos, a few at a time. Once I get enough, I'll pull out the pattern & make up a pet (or two).

-flower making ( on-line instructions) / incomplete flowers)
Clover Hana-Ami Loom (gift from Alex Dec 2009 - I have only begun to make flowers with the pieces)
Sweetheart flower maker

-locker hooking (on-line instructions / need more supplies)

-friendship block (2010 pattern avail March / May)
annual quilt block
OK, I'm not a great quilter - tho participate in this almost every year

Along the way, I enjoyed gathering up charms, fabrics, & supplies. I found some ink pads (for fabrics) to mess around with. Pulled out a couple sketch pads & may even create a few ATCs. I unearthed a couple of my knitting spools, I have a few of them!

What an adventure. I cannot explain why I'm not a needlework-only fan / junkie anymore - why my interests have changed. A different enthusiasm. I've spent years with a needlework only focus. But, no more. I've changed.

It is wonderful to get out of the house & visit local exhibits, head into the city and walk thru the art museum. Great to try new things. I've enjoyed exploring , enjoyed the journey.

The best part, is when evening rolls around - the end of my 'parent' day, I have more than books and stitching waiting for me! It is perfect for me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flower Loom

"Hana-Ami" Flower Loom (clover)

link to video instruction

This is one of my holiday gifts
from youngest son, Alex

I kinda forgot about it! Pulled it out of the closet yesterday am.
There are so many shapes & sizes -- what a fun thing to do on a
partly cloudy gloomy morning.

There are many on-line sites, with
flower looms,
Sara Bradberry
is my favorite to visit.

Check out her link to the original instructions for Clover flower loom!!

I used different crochet cottons &
tried various winding techniques - flower centers


Edited to Add: Right now, they are on sale at JoAnn Fabrics web site

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stray cat outside?

Aren't these beautiful?
Flowers from DH - thought I'd share a pic

I glanced over my shoulder & thought there was a stray cat
sniffing the bird seed --- then, the growl from Beatrice:

and I knew it was no cat!!!
An opossum ... yep,
visited about 5 minutes and strolled off.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More tatting in the next issue ....

I had sent an e-mail to PieceWork Magazine (Interweave Press), about the beautiful tatting (on page 12 of current issue) and how I'd enjoy more tatting articles/patterns (etc) .... May/June is going to be a special issue on lace. ..... here is their response:

Dear Lelia,

Thank you for sending your comment to PieceWork. We love hearing what our readers like and dislike! You will love our May/June issue coming out soon! It has a tatted motif including a beaded and tatted purse and a great article on a wonderful little vintage tatting sample book.

Best Regards,

Kathy Mallo
Editorial Assistant, PieceWork
201 East Fourth Street
Loveland, Colorado 80537-5655


Will have to hunt down the next issue!!!! Yippie Skippie - more tatting to come.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

a whole row ...

I managed a whole row with joined picot & no boo boo's .... well, if you see a mistake, don't tell me, ok? I had the help of a small crochet hook - made this so much easier than using the tip of the shuttle.

Used size 10 crochet cotton this time.

I am liking the picot gauges - they do help!

And, why is it that the red shuttle is easiest for me to use, and hardest to find? What is with that?

Perhaps I'll get used to other shuttles : )

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quilting at Deep River County Park

I found this info in the Quilting at Wood's Mill section of the Lake Co Parks, Hobart, Indiana -- web site:

Quilting Bees

Deep River County Park in Wood’s Historic Grist Mill

Fourth Sundays in 2010:
Sunday, May 23, June 27, July 25

1-4 p.m.


Volunteer quilters meet each month to demonstrate their talents. Lively conversation, greeting of old friends, and exchange of information accompanies the quilting. Quilters are working on “Lotsa Potsa Flowers”, the latest quilt to be assembled from blocks donated by many friends. As soon as that one is completed, the new Friendship Star will be put into the frame.

On exhibit is the recently-completed Indiana Puzzle quilt, which was done in traditional red and white. Many other quilts completed at the park since 1979 will also be displayed. Stop by to meet these talented volunteers and join them in quilting? You will have an enjoyable time and help us complete our quilt.

Assembly of Friendship Star Quilt: Donated blocks of the blue and yellow Friendship Star have been received and ready to assemble into the 2010 quilt top and be quilted during the Quilting Bees each month May through October. Join us on Thursdays, April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. for the assembly. Meet downstairs in the Visitor Center at Deep River County Park. Bring a sack lunch and a drink. For more information call 219-947-1958.

New quilt block: We are asking for blocks for the next quilt, “Honey Bee”. The pattern and a sample will be available during Maple Syrup Time and in Wood’s Mill beginning May 1. If you do not have the right fabric, packets of fabric sufficient to make the block will be available for purchase. The deadline to return one or more completed blocks is Sunday, October 24 at 4 p.m.

Maple Syrup Time
March 13 & 14
March 20 & 21
10:00am - 4:00pm